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GCU Food Concepts | Fitness | Amenities


Located on the ground floor of Antelope Apartments, this project encompasses a space of 5000 square feet and was designed specifically to cater to the needs of GCU students living on campus.

The project consists of two distinct parts: a state-of-the-art fitness center and an innovative concept known as the Herd Stop- a step up from a traditional convenience store. The Herd Shop offers students a variety of healthy eating options in both a grab-and-go and grocery store setting, making it easier for students to make nutritious choices without having to leave campus. It aims to create a one-stop solution for students, providing them with everything they need in a convenient and accessible manner.

The store features an array of offerings including a deli counter, salad bar, coffee bar, hot snacks, bulk items, beverages, and sundries. Also included is a small dining area and a 1000 square foot produce section.

The idea was to design a community gathering hub centrally located and easily accessible for all students.


Phoenix, Arizona


5,000 sqft

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